A:  No! Students from multiple schools can form teams and compete together.

A:  You don’t need to know anything about space to support a team of students! Not only can we support all the teachers involved in our events, generally the best help you can provide the students is guidance around project management and communication!

Registration links are available on each event page and event drop down menu.

Navigate to the Programs drop-down menu at the top of the page and select the page relevant to you.

Junior Space Design Competition (JSDC): The JSDC runs throughout the middle of the school year. Please see the timeline on the JSDC page for specific dates. Teams can complete work any time prior to submission deadlines.

Space Design Workshop (SDW): The SDW is a single day school-based event. These events can be held any time during the school year.

Australian Space Design Competition (ASDC): The ASDC is split into three distinct phases.

The Qualifying Competition runs throughout the school year, with deadlines established such that students have at least two full terms to produce a proposal.

The ASDC Finals are a two-day weekend event held annually each January at the University of Queensland.

The International Space Settlement Design Competition is held annually each July in Orlando, Florida, USA. The event typically spans 3 days, however participating teams take advantage by adding tours of other cities in the USA.

For more information on each of these events, please visit their pages under the Competitions tab.

Junior Space Design Competition (JSDC): $50 per registered team where every team is judged. School License Model also available.

Space Design Workshop (SDW): Introductory pricing for SDW is $10 per student. This includes materials and an SDCA Consultant to help facilitate. School License Model also available.

Australian Space Design Competition (ASDC): Registration for ASDC Qualifying Competition is $250 per team. Schools may submit multiple entries. ASDC Finals pricing is provided closer to the event with the invitation. Current indicative costs are $200 per student and $230 per teacher and include a single night’s accommodation, meals and event materials.