SDCA are pleased to announce that registrations for the ASDC Qualifying Competition are now open for 2023! Back again for the 18th installment, the ASDC gives students the opportunity to simulate working in industry teams where they develop a proposal for a space settlement set in the future.

Registrations close 30 June 2023.

How to Register

Students, please talk to your teacher about registering your team. Contact us via our website contact form for any additional information or help.

Teachers, please follow these steps to register for ASDC in 2023:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in or create your account.
  3. Click on ENTER NOW to register for ASDC Qualifying 2023.
  4. Type in your school, Teacher contact details and the competition type. The teacher email is important as this is where the welcome email will be sent.
  5. Please enter the qualifying team size. Note: This is for our information only.
  6. You can indicate whether you want to pay now or recieve an invoice.
  7. After confirmation, check your email for the welcome message. It may be in your main inbox folder or spam.

That’s it, welcome to ASDC 2023! We’ve included a welcome letter and a link to the Request For Tender (RFT) and other competition materials in the email (to teacher) upon registration, and also in the Join-It registration portal.

Fill out Details

Select offline payments or pay with CC

Receive confirmation of membership

Go to email and expand the message


Grade 5 – 8

Based on the same scenario as the ASDC, students are tasked with creating a space settlement marketing video which draws on their creative young minds. 


Grades 7 – 9

A single day land based settlement workshop designed to stretch the technical and soft skills of students. 


Grades 9 – 12

A true industry simulation where students need to respond to an RFT and design a fully functional space settlement; including aspects such as overall structure, operations, automation, human factors and logistics.